5-In-A-Row Roes

Kildress v Owen Roes, Monday, 25 May 2009

U15 Og Sport Area Final
Result: 1-2 to 1-8

Tuesday, 20 August 2019 at 07:35 PM Galvin Early

Gortin, Urney, Kildress and Glenelly were all cast aside by the 10 chosen for this years U15 Og Sport team as they beat all clubs in their section and carried on to beat Kildress again in the group final.

The Roes started slow of the mark against Gortin but they still managed a win, however they knew they had to pull their socks up (or in Dohertys case shorts!!)  if they wanted to progress against the other contenders. 

Urney came next in line and it was goals that saw the difference.  Using the lines and quick running off the ball was the key to getting on in this competition.

Kildress came very quickly after as we had to play 4 matches in succession due to an unlucky draw from the hat.  These were the two teams who were winning the most of the night so far so it was a heated encounter, but the boys showed that they were the better footballers when it mattered and added another win to the belt.

Finally, Glenelly was next.  The boys were tired and going into half time, the score was in Glenellys favour but the management got the boys keyed into the winning thoughts and added some "blue string" to the mix ;o) and they soon drilled low balls under the keeper to ensure they were top of the league.

Although winning all matches a final still had to be played and it was Kildress on the cards again.  Kildress had had a match rest and used this in their advantage keeping the scores even at half time.  But all strength and determination was summoned and Kildress scored no more while another 5 was to the roes tally.

After a great display of football they are now through to the finals on Monday 1st June against Derrytresk, Clogher and Drumragh.

Stephen Harper, Ricky Devine, Cathal McShane, Ronan McNulty, Conor Doherty, Kevin Kelly, Aaron Boggs, Sean Dooher, Jamie Devine, Seamus Dooher